Monday, March 24, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

Abby had a very busy day for her 5 month birthday. She went to the OR to have her broviac taken out, every culture they sent due to her fever came back negative and as long as she does not have a fever, she is coming home tomorrow. Greg and I are learning how to administer feeds, medication and other fun stuff that Abby will need when she gets home. KATU News will be there so we are very excited for this great day and can't wait to update you all on our adventure.

Reflecting back on our experience tomorrow will be very bittersweet. Whereas we are so thankful that she is coming home and ready to start the next chapter of being "parents", we are sad to leave the friends and staff at Emanuel Hospital. Not because we are afraid of doing things on our own, but the staff at Emanuel have been the best support system for Greg and I. First and foremost they saved Abby's life and were with us through thick and thin, shared laughs and cries and became our family. We will definitely make sure one way or another they will be a part of our family as Abby grows (just not as a patient :))

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