Saturday, March 1, 2008

I got Dr. King - who is very conservative - to say that he could see Abby coming home in 3-4 weeks!!! This is huge news!! Jenn and I are so excited to have our baby girl finally coming home. Her progress since Wednesday has been remarkable. She seems to have crossed a major threshold in her recovery.

She did get extubated today and skipped right past cpap and is on a high flow nasal cannula. She has been doing great. She could come out of the ICU soon too. She can either go out to the floor or to the NICU. There are 2 sides of the NICU and she would be on the less critical side.

She's had a room mate for the past few days. I think she is about 7 and has cancer. She seems to have gone through some tough times, but is recovering well. Her parents are really nice.


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That is GREAT news! Im soo happy that Abby is getting better and better, day by day. She a Champion fighter and will be a force to be reckoned with. Kudos to you guys as well!!!! And already are Awsome parents. Can't wait to see her on the outside. Miss you guys.
Brian, Kesha and her old roomie Kiera