Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abby is doing well. It is kind of hard being her nurse at times, but we are managing. Jenn's Mom has been a big help during this period of adjustment. We had to change her NG tube today because the ends of the old one were leaking. Jenn did it no problem. Abigail didn't like it too much. She has been sleeping fairly well during the night. It is good to see her get some much needed rest.

We have a nurse come in on Tuesday and Friday to change her dressing and check her overall well being. It is so good to see her here at home. We drove by the hospital and it is weird to know that she isn't there anymore. She is home, where she belongs. She is still recovering though. It's no where near a normal situation yet. But, she'll be fine. It's so much better than being in the hospital!

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Aunt Maria said...

Keep up the good work everyone. All of you are still in our prayers but we know you will be fine. We love you.

AUnt Maria, Uncle Mauro, Dominic, Laura and Pop-POp