Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest Update

We met with Abby's team today and they do not want to wait 3 months to attempt the balloon procedure again, they want to go back in on Monday. Bad news is if the procedure is not successful on Monday she will have to have surgery and they will have to open her chest again. This is a setback but we are as optimistic as we can be that Monday will be successful since they already know what the left pulmonary artery looks like and will not have to spend a lot of time exploring. Overall, Abby is doing well - labs, blood gasses and white blood count were all spot on. We aren't sure if they will take her off the vent since she will have to be on the vent for the procedure on Monday. Until then she will remain in the PICU. Please keep your fingers crossed and send your prayers our way.


Macro said...

good vibes coming your way from Asheville guys! We keep up with the blog, and I think about you all the time!

Heather said...

Miss you Abby! We'll be thinking about you and wishing for a speedy recovery! Lots of love!
Aunt Heather

Anonymous said...

We are sending all our prayers your way. We follow your progress every day and know that this is just a tiny detour on the path of total recovery!!
Go Abby! Hang in there you guys, the worst is behind you and we send all the good vibes your way!
Tammy, Jake & Eric