Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Day With Our Grandbaby Abigail Rose

Friday and today were very busy days for our Abigail. Wound vax was removed, monitors remove, 3 techs working on stretching and relaxing Abby's muscles....she just loved all the attention. Then, she got to lay on her belly for the first time in a very long time...that was great also. When we walked into her room today, her daddy was holding her and she was laughing, out loud, it was amazing. Today her Grandpa and I had Abby laughing and it's funny but you just start laughing with her. Then, while mommy and daddy were working on the car seats, the three of us hit the "road", (the Halls of the Hospital), in her little red wagon. She loves the wagon. She looks as though she is trying to take everything in that she might have missed these last few months. She is a happy camper and loves to be moving....that's good for the future camping trips that I'm sure she'll be making in the future....I can just see Jenn and Greg getting her hiking shoes for her "first" pair of footwear. This visit is very special and we are very thankful for how wonderful our Oregon family is doing.....many thanks to all our family and friends for their prayers, and well wishes.
Happy Easter to All!! Carol & Tom

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Anonymous said...

Abby is such a blessing, and I'm so happy that she'll be able to come home when you can all enjoy her. We love you all and we are thinking of all of you! Happy Easter!
Renee & Luis