Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy Day for the Abinator

Abby had a very busy day today, she had an EKG, X-ray and labs all before 6:30am. She also had a wound vac change (one more week until we are done), speech, physical and occupational therapy today as well as an echo. Since Abby is now out of the ICU, Greg and I are doing a lot more of the work - which we are very happy and excited about. We are both working on sleeping schedules because Abby can't be left alone at this time. She was put back on the canula last night with a little bit of O2. But no worries, it is a weening process.
Abby will need another procedure next week to fix her pulmonary branch stenosis -which is a narrowing of the artery in one short segment, this procedure will consist of using a balloon to open the artery his is similar to an angioplasty. We are hopeful that this will happen next week. She needs to get over a new infection that they found yesterday - the Docs are suspicious that it is due to the broviac since it has been in her for a long period of time - downside of that is it will make it very hard to pull labs and give medicine. We are hopeful that with administering antibiotics, rest and nutrition she will beat this infection without removing the broviac. Either way, she will need to be put back on the ventilator for the branch stenosis treatment but it should be no longer than one day. This will push back her discharge date back.
On a very exciting note, we were contacted by Emanuel Hospital's public relations office and wanted to know if we would like to share Abby's story. Which of course, we do. KATU News which is an ABC affiliate picked it up and will be doing a story on Abby the day that she leaves the hospital they are also going to pitch Abby's story to Good Morning America! Thanks for all the prayers - keep them coming.

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