Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Time Feeding Abigail!

For the first time ever, Abby took the bottle 3 times today!!! She drank 10 ml each time. It was amazing. She would suck a few times, then get excited because she would forget to breath. Then she would breath, and get excited because she wanted the bottle. She is still feed through a tube too. Of course, Abigail Rose continues the "genius baby" theme in our family and eats from a bottle the very first time.

She will be leaving the PICU and going to the floor tomorrow!!! This is huge and will be a big transition for everyone. She is doing so good. I can't believe how fast things are going. But, it's fine with me. She may be home sooner than I thought. It's crazy to think about how fast she is continuing to recover. It just makes me think about how long it took to recover from her surgery and how sick she really must have been. It seems like a million years ago.
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nurse adrian said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe Abigail ate from a bottle!! Too bad she won't be coming back to the NICU, I would have loved to take care of her again. Congrats on making it to the Peds floor though, I'll have to come up and see her tomorrow night. I'm so happy for you guys!!

Kim, Jay and Katherine said...

Holy Moly!! That is so awesome! She is such a little champ!

Anonymous said...

wow,I'am so happy for your amazing family.There are miracles on earth.