Wednesday, March 5, 2008

19 Weeks Old!!!!

Abby was sleeping in her new room this afternoon with the daylight coming in through the bright window. This was the biggest day ever. Finally coming out an ICU for the first time. We went left down the hall instead of right - which was down to the O.R. We are in the School Age section - which is awesome because its in the same section where BINGO is played!

Abby is doing awesome. It's truly incredible. I couldn't believe a week ago she was intubated. I never would have said we'd be out on the floor in a week. Jenn and I so thankful. We are kind of in shock. Not in a bad way though. We're excited - but just can't believe it. I am going to take her for a wagon ride soon. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Jenn started breast feeding for the first time today. It is going to take some practice, but should be fine. She is also eating a little from a bottle, but still gets tube fed for now. Her wound was cleaned today and parts of the skin have come together already -which is so fast - she's like Wolverine from the X-men. She is barely on any oxygen/lung support.

The entire staff at the hospital - all the doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, chaplains, food, life, etc. have been so kind to our family. Thank you so much. For everything.
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Anonymous said...

Way to Go ABBY!! The Mangolds are overjoyed for your move out of the ICUs and can't wait for Mommy and Daddy to have the BIG DRIVE HOME with their little girl for the first time!! What a precious miracle baby you are! Blessings to you all and much love, Karen, Mark, Daniel, John and baby no.3