Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Lip!

Here it is. But, she can do it a lot more than that.

The procedure took a long time. They wanted to balloon out both of her pulmonary arteries. They did the right one fine, the left one's opening was too narrow to get the wire in there properly, about 1 millimeter. They will try again in about 3 months - give her a chance to heal and grow. We are back in the PICU for a few days. Abby is on the ventilator until tomorrow. She is puffy around her eyes, hands, and feet. Her vitals were fine the whole time. She is a trooper, poor little thing. Lying on her back again with that tube down her throat. She is not a happy camper. But, so far, we were told that she could possibly come home next week!

We saw an "educational" video about the procedure filmed about 10 years ago. Dr. John had a moustache! It was pretty awesome.
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Nana said...

Poor baby - that lip will work for the rest of your life - keep at it! What a sweetheart! Rest and get better so you can go home next week.

Love, Nana and Grand pop

Anonymous said...

Goodness she is so precious and such a trooper. I'm so excited to hear that she might be coming home to you guys next week!

Kim, Jay and Katherine said...

Man she is strong! I can't believe she'll be home so soon!! She'll be going to baby disco's with Kate in no time! ;)