Monday, January 7, 2008

We Got to Hold Her!!!!

We both got to hold Abigail today. It's been over 3 weeks. Talk about an unbelievable surprise! Our favorite nurse Bonnie is really awesome. She slid a tray under the mattress to act as a back board. We just had to make sure things remained level, as her chest is still open. The little bit of movement is a good thing. It helps swish the fluids around.

She continued to lose fluids today. They stopped the Vec (the paralysing drug). They said they want to really kind of not give her that anymore. She really pees more when she is off it. If she starts breathing against the ventilator, they will have to give her some more. But it will done on a one time deal, not a continuous drip. We saw her starting to twitch her feet and fingers a little bit. That means she is processing it a lot better now - before it would be over 24 hours before we saw any reactions.

Speaking of pee and poop -she did both today! She peed 1 cc every 4 hours. Bonnie said normal was about 2.5 every hour, but we'll take anything we can get! I regained my title of Poop Master - once again she pooped while I was holding her.

Tomorrow they are 80% certain they will take the arterial line out of her right arm. They will also take her off one of her heart medications (milronone). She will still be on dopamine.

They started feeding her 100% breast milk. No more of that TPN stuff with lipids.


Lisa said...

Now that's what we like to see - Abby being held! Keep up the great work sweet girl and go Team Abby!

Lisa, Tony and the boys

Nana said...

It's so good to see our Abby once again in Mommy and Daddy's arms
:-) Nana and Grand pop can hardly wait to come out and take their turn. Love you guys! Nana and Grand-pop

Aunt Maria said...

We are so happy you got to hold her. I know things seem bleak at times but just remember someone always has to beat the odds so this time it will be Abby to do it.

We love you. Give her a hug and kiss from all of us.

Aunt Maria, Uncle Mauro, Dominic, Laura and Pop-pop.

Kim said...

This is so fantastic! Great job Abby! Jenn, you look beautiful in that picture!

Darren said...

That is such good news you guys...

I keep praying for y'all. Good to hear you get to hold your princess :)


KT said...

incredible! awesome! i'm so happy for you - Jen, you look amazing =)I'll continue to pray and keep you in my thoughts. . . I've been checkin in daily.

Nicole said...

I am so happy to see you so happy! You both look beautiful. Everyday at work I think of you and your family and just hope for the best. I hope to see you soon!

bradford said...