Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Abigail got off the blood pressure medicine last night - which is great. They increased the amount of breast milk that she gets today. She started to open her eyes a little bit, since she had the "VEC holiday".

Tomorrow they want to close her skin. We don't think they will be able to bind her breastbone together. But, they will try, if they can't, no biggie. Closing the skin is the big deal, since that greatly reduces the chance of infection.

Jenn says - "Go Mountaineers!"


Aunt Maria said...

Weird, true and powerful.....

A customer of mine called me and said he had been talking to his mother; she asked him if his friend who asked for the soup recipe was from PA (they are in NJ - he asked her for a recipe for me in early Dec). He said yes and she asked if I had a little girl who was sick in the hospital. He said he didn't think so. (He did not know about Abby at this point)

She said a little girl who was a relative of Marek's friend came to her in a dream. THis little girl was very sick and in the hospital. As he was telling me this I mentioned Abby. He said then it must be you because I don't have any other friends in PA.

When he asked him mom for more information she said it was all very weird because the little girl was very quiet never saying anything to her but she was very happy. She said she woke up feeling that the little girl would be OK and that I should know. She said she's not sure why she knows that I was the friend, or why she had such a strong feeling to remember to tell Marek about it but she is very glad now that she did.

Her and Marek have now begun praying for Abby as well.

I just wanted to tell everyone because the Angels and prayers are working and we need to keep it up.

Take care, stay strong and pray often.


Aunt Maria

Mandy said...

Jenn and Greg she's so beautiful! I'm praying for her and thinking about you guys all the time! Love you all


Nicholle said...

Wow- I just got chills reading aunt Maria's commment. Positive energy (which prayers obviously are!) work miracles. We're continuing to pray in Baltimore and are sending those good vibes to Abby and her loving parents.

Lots of love!

Lisa said...

The note from your Aunt Maria has completely brought me to tears. Not only is God hearing all of our prayers, but so are people you don't even know. Amazing - and wonderful.

All our love (and prayers of course),

Lisa, Tony and the boys