Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Abby lost 200 yesterday. Her massage therapy is really great. Her occupational therapist massages her legs, arms, and trunk. Then her physical therapist does range of motion and flexing exercises. You can just tell by the look on Abby's face that she REALLY needs and enjoys her "therapy time." We think this is very important to her recovery. The benefits are obvious - right away. After 4 weeks of lying on her back, the fluids have settled into her tissues - like her buttocks and torso. The massaging loosens the tissues and lets the fluids "swish" around. Plus, it gives Abigail the sensation of "positive touch" - which is really good.

Our friends Kim and Jay have organised a fundraiser for us. Please check out the link at the top of the page. Thanks!

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Kim said...

WHOO HOO! Glad Abby is responding well to therapy! She is such a trooper!