Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is what it looks like. The Erector Set. Supergirl - with the titanium chest. The "chain" is rigid - not very flexible - screwed in. It is not permanent. Should only be for maybe 2-6 weeks. They provide stability for her to physically go through the mechanics of breathing. You can see the Broviac going up her right side, then down. The ventilator is the one straight down her throat. You can also see her lungs. The darker the area, the better. That is air. Her left lung is worse than the right - which has always been the case.

We heard that she peed tonight. That would be huge. Abby hasn't peed in weeks really. A couple of drops here and there. But that would mean her kidneys are functioning.

Dr. Hagop said her next goals are to get off the ventilator and get her kidneys going. If she is peeing, great. Then hopefully in a week or two, they can wean her off the ventilator.
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Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts and vibes your way Greg, Jen, and Abby!
Love, Paula