Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our Abby is slowly coming back!

Her head shape is really starting to come back to normal. (Aunt Julie - notice the Abby Cadabby doll!!) The fluids are still coming off. Her torso is starting to get more tapered as well. Our favorite PICU nurse, Bonnie, really does a nice job of lowering her blood pressure medicine through out the day too. They really want her off the blood pressure medicine. She is on a "Vec holiday" today. The "Vec" is the paralysing medicine. So, that means tomorrow, she will be opening her eyes and squeezing our hands.

Jason, the physician's assistant, said they want to at least be able to close her skin on Thursday or Friday. They might not be able to wire the sternum shut, but closing the wound with her own skin would be great. That would reduce the chance for infection by a ton. He said that she might have some long term issues with her lungs, but at this point, it would be impossible to tell.


Anonymous said...

Greg, you are a great father keeping everyone up to date on how she is doing. I check in on a regular basis so she is being prayed for often. I hope that all goes well the rest of this week. She seems like a fighter. You will have quite the little spit fire on your hands later on. Keep the faith even when everyone is giving you the draining odds. We will continue to think about you and your family. love cousin megan

Carrie said...

Dear Abigail, Jenn and Greg-- We are thinking of you and knowing how brave you and your parents are to be so generous as to share all this with us. Keep on working toward the best recovery any little girl could ever have -- there's a GlowWorm in it for you , so be brave and show your parents you come from good stock. Hugs, Carrie Straub