Friday, January 11, 2008

Today was really cool. Abby had her eyes open, blinking, moving her hands and legs, moving her little mouth. This was definitely the most awake she has been since the operation. 4 weeks ago today!

The picture below (I switched it to vertical) was taken yesterday. She already looked way better today. Looking long and lean! (Well, relatively speaking) She lost over 300 cc's yesterday. That was a record. It seems the more she loses, the easier it comes off. She was on a pace for over 300 when we were there today. But, whatever it ends up being, is great.

Dr. John thinks in about 5 days - if she continues on this pace - they would attempt to close her.

They weighed her today for the first time since the operation. 3.5 kilos. (3500 grams) That means she has 1 kilo (1000 grams) to go to get back to her weight at the time of the operation. They estimated she had so much fluid, she weighed 12-15 pounds. Tripling her body size.

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Aunt Maria said...

Keep up the good work Abby. We love you.

Aunt Maria, Uncle Mauro, DOminic, Laura and Pop-pop