Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eleven weeks old!

Abby lost 275 units of fluid yesterday - which is awesome. Fluid is the biggest obstacle right now, she is losing fluid around her head, feet and hands and it all seems to be sitting in her chest area which is what we need to close. Nurse Bonnie and I looked at her numbers today and she has about 4 more liters of fluid to lose, although she does not look 4 liters puffy - there is quite a bit of fluid on her. We are hopeful that getting the fluid off, will improve her lungs, and her kidneys. Right now we are in a holding pattern - but she continues to improve. She is almost back to her fiesty self - starting to move, likes hand holding and is letting us know when she is annoyed. I will be sure to post an updated picture tomorrow. Thanks for the love and prayers.


Michelle said...

Jenn a question.. not sure if this has been answered before but how many units of fluid are in a litre of fluid.. Glad to hear that she is doing better tho!

Anonymous said...

Hello Baby ABBY!

Abby, you look amazing in the last few picts. You just keep a goin'..nice and easy....

Please tell your Mom and Dad that Chris and I miss them both and that I can't wait to see your daddy at work.

Take care Pumpkin!

Danny and Chris