Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Abby was getting back to her old self. She was really showing some emotions. Mostly, when she was unhappy. She seems to be entering a new phase. She is really moving around more and making faces. Her physical therapy is continuing and she really is making good improvements. Her kidney function is continuing to improve. Dr. Guillery is very happy. She peed a bunch of times. When we called tonight, she had a seriously wet diaper. So that is awesome. Her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was 23. Normal for her is 5-10. She was over 100 at one point. Her creatinine was .8 Normal for her is .3-.4. She was over 2.5 at one time. She was tooting a bunch today. They are going to start to add protein to her feeds. Things seem to continue to go in the right direction. It is very slow. I am feeling impatient, but just have to remember to relax.

One of our good friends from college, Abby Umansky, makes her own jewelry. She is going to donate a portion of her proceeds to our fundraiser. Please check out her site to the right.


Nana said...

Nana's little peony. I'm so proud! Keep up the good work. I miss you Abby girl-see you in a few weeks.

Love, Nana

Aunt Maria said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I emailed Abby about her jewelry. It looks great and she responds to emails immediately so check out her website and drop her an email if you want to place an order. She's very nice. I ordered earrings. Can't wait to get them.

Other than that. Keep up the good work little Abby. We love you.