Friday, February 15, 2008

We got to hold her like a real baby!

The surgery went well. They were able to close her another 1/3 third today. That means she is about 2/3 closed! Dr. John will attempt to close her sternum all the way next Friday. If he can't, then for sure the next Friday. He has ordered some special nuts and bolts that he will use to fasten the titanium bars together. He will let her 2 halves fuse together over a period of 1-2 months. Then he will remove the bars. He has been very pleased with her overall progress and with the way everything has looked and healed.

We asked him about his thoughts concerning Abigail coming off the vent. He said because she has been on the vent for months, she will need a lot of support. He said she will probably go back on CPAP. He said he wouldn't be surprised if she had to go back on the vent. He also mentioned she might need a tracheostomy. That way she could breath on her own, but instead of putting the tube back in her throat everytime she might need it, they could just hook her up to the vent through the trach. This is something that has not been decided yet, just wanted to let people know it is a possibility.
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Teri said...

Oh I'm so glad you guys got to hold her!!! You three all really need it! I'm sure greatful for all the good progess. We keep thinking of her every day. Hope to see you guys soon.

Teri, Bryan, & Jakub