Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sorry for not updating this sooner.

Abby is doing fine. They were able to close her chest about 30%. Dr. John estimates that she should need 2-3 more procedures to get her fully closed. It was kind of weird in a way. They really didn't know how they were going to bring the "bars" together until they got in there. They thought they might cut the rings out, then somehow fashion a screw to connect the 2 pieces. Or wire the two ends together. What they ended up doing was just bending the bars with some pliers. They kind of "kinked" the bars up bringing the 2 halves of the sternum closer. She puffed up a little bit after the procedure. They increased her dialysis to 2.5% every 2 hours to get her fluid balance back to normal. Dr. King said he basically wanted to get her off the dialysis before they try to extubate her. It should be in about a week. He said that he didn't want to be filling her belly with dialysis fluid because it would put pressure on her diaphram.

Since my Dad was here, Jenn and I went on a date night. We had a lot of fun. One thing we did was go to an underground 3-D glow in the dark/black light minature golf course.

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Erynn said...

Glad little Angel is doing better...... My real question.... Who won at golf?