Thursday, February 28, 2008

As Randy Jackson would say, "Yo, the Little Abinater was rocking it out tonight, dawg!!" She was sucking on the pacifier like she has been doing it her whole life! Considering that she has been intubated for about 14-15 weeks out of her total of 18, the fact that she was basically eating her pacifier is truly amazing! She just got the tube taken out yesterday!!!!!! The nurses and therapists are astounded!!!

They started feeding her 60 ml in an hour every 3 hours. She no longer gets continuous feeds. She still gets fed through a tube in her nose. But, as you can see, when she eats, she doesn't have the cpap on! I don't think she really even needs it, but they will keep it on her for another day or two.

Her voice is starting to come back already too. When her vocal cords fully recover, watch out! She definitely has a set of pipes on her!

It's so funny, she gets fussy when she gets hungry. Then sucks on a pacifier. I was holding her and really felt like she was a real baby for the first time in a long time. My Mom said its like she is doing being sick and is ready to be a good little baby! I hate to get my hopes up too high (too late!), but the past 2 days have been so awesome!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lil Sweetie!
Glad to see you are doing Great
...and having Fun.

Dont worry..I will tell the Gerber photographers, They must wait until you say is Ok..and You reserve all pix approval rights!
Gurl must be careful these days..!

Yo Teeny Sis...gotcha Your back!

See You Soon
Uncle Rod