Monday, February 18, 2008

A Good Day By Nana

Nana here - Greg and Jenn dropped me off at the hospital after we had brunch at Shari's - they were hoping to go up Larch Mountain - the weather was beautiful temps in the 60's and SUNNY.
Abby looked wonderful, very calm when I got there. She slept a while but before long she was waking up, stretching and looking around. She can focus and smiles. Such a cutie. She can fuss too especially when she wants her diaper changed or needs to be sunctioned but then she looks around again. She is really respondsive. She had occupational and physical therapy - they are very kind and explain everything to her and whoever else is in the room - today that was me! we just had a really, really nice afternoon.

Greg and Jenn came back and Abby woke up when they got there. She is a smarty and wanted to make sure she saw her mom and dad. She certainly knows their voices. Too much snow and ice up high for Greg and Jenn to get all the way up the mountain but I think everyone had a good day!

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