Thursday, February 7, 2008

15 weeks!

Abigail turned 15 weeks old yesterday. She seems to be doing ok. They started doing her dialysis every 2 hours instead of every hour. When I called this morning, her kidney numbers were even lower than yesterday, so that is fantastic. It means her kidneys are doing their job. Hopefully, that continues. They are still planning on trying to extubate her soon. Maybe Friday or as late as Monday. We are trying to prepare ourselves. Abby has always been on her own schedule. She might not be quite ready, in which case, they would have to intubate again. I've been told it is common to have to try 2-3 times. But who knows. GrandDad visited last night. She did good. She got a little upset, but then they gave her her medication, and she calmed down. We put a black and white picture of a bulls eye above her. She loves it! She stares at that thing all day long!
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