Monday, February 25, 2008

The Latest X-ray

You can see the pins they placed in her bars. I spoke with Dr John. He said that the pins are placed in her sternum, but they should have no problem getting them out when the time comes. Jason said that bones usually take at least 6-8 weeks to heal fully. She could come home with the bars still in place. Her left lung keeps looking better. Abby weighed a little over 3800 grams and was 52 centimeters long- a little over 20 inches.

They removed the dialysis catheter today. Tomorrow, they plan to take her off the ventilator. That is a huge step. We will see how she does. Hopefully, everything will be ok.

Jason asked the nurse, "Are you still using the butt paste?" Now, of course, we all knew he meant for Abby, but the way he said it, was classic. It was pretty hilarious.
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Nana said...

Wish I was still there for the coming off the ventilator. I just know she'll keep moving forward. She's doing so well. Love you Abby Girl. Nana