Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where's Abby? - See if you can find the baby!

She had a stable day today. She is now on a vibrating ventilator which they hope will expand her left lung. Her right lung is pretty good now.

They might take her off ECMO tomorrow, or maybe Friday. That would be huge. It could be rocky though. So hopefully everything will be good.

There is so much information to absorb. We have to be prepared for anything. Abigail is so strong, we have to be strong for her. I can't believe this whole thing.


Lisa said...

Abby is strong because the two of you are. Your grace under fire throughout all of this proves that – and shows that you are the fabulous parents we’ve always known you would be. You three keep up the strength, we’ll keep up the prayers.

Love to the three of you,

Tony, Lisa and the boys

Uncle Joe said...

Warm loving thoughts and lots of prayers for Abby, Jenn, and Greg. Keep fighting little one! May God be with you.