Friday, December 21, 2007

Nice and Easy...

Today was relatively easy. The doctor said that she needed to rest and there would be no procedures today. We completely agreed. They just wanted her to relax today. We also enjoyed the "light" day. They just wanted to concentrate on her "drying out." She was very bloated from yesterday's surgery and needed to drain all those excess fluids. Her lungs are inflated, but are filled with fluids.

They were doing 3 things to get rid of the fluids. She is still peeing, the ECMO is now taking off fluids (which is something they started last night), and peritoneal dialysis.

The doctor stated that she is the strongest baby he has seen in his 10 years of medicine.

Jenn's coworkers came to visit us today. They had a fundraising breakfast this morning. They brought us an enormous early Christmas present!! We are so grateful. We decided that when she comes home, everyone will come over for a party. Then everyone can take turns holding our little Supergirl.

Hopefully, the plan is sometime they will take her off ECMO sometime this weekend. Here is a link from the hospital's website about ECMO treatment:


Bradford said...

I am definitely coming! She is so freaking strong. You guys are inspiring and sharing this here is heartbreaking, yet empowering to read.

I think of you three many times thru the day. Stay strong.

Heather said...

We are praying for you all. My Maddie (3 yrs old) and I have been praying every night before she goes to bed for you and Abby and we've added another one at breakfast time when I check my email. I know Children's prayers are heard first!
Heather Winn