Saturday, December 22, 2007

"The Force Is Strong With This One..."

Today was an amazing day. We got there this morning and the doctor said we would be going off ECMO this afternoon. He said they gave her a ton of blood last night. They were in "uncharted territory." He couldn't believe that she had survived after being given that much blood and blood products. She was still oozing a lot and it had gotten to the point that the ECMO machine wasn't helping her anymore. She needed to get off the machine, so that they could get her off the blood thinners, so she could stop bleeding. The only questions were the lungs and if she would just bleed out when they took the cannulas out.

He said that if it was any other baby, there would be almost no chance of survival, but because of the fact the she has made it this far, she might have actually have a chance.

So, they weened her down off the machine, the surgeons came in and the operation began. Talk about tension. The five of us didn't breath for about 2 hours. The surgeon meet us in the waiting and said everything went fine. She was stable and the bleeding was down to a trickle. Jenn asked him if it was OK to give him a hug, he said yes, and all 5 of us gave him a giant group hug. We think he was kind of surprised. She will recover for a few days and get the extra fluids off of her. On Tuesday or Wednesday they will close her chest. There is still a high risk for infection. They don't like to have the chest open for more than 7 days.

The entire staff at that hospital is unbelievable. They really earned their money this week. We are not out of the woods yet, but this was a major milestone.

To all the many people who have prayed for our baby: THANK YOU!!!! We know she has touched many people. So many people have been so generous. Many people we don't even know. I can't even express the emotions we have all been through. Please continue to pray for our sweet little Abby.


Lisa said...

The Force is strong indeed. :) Our prayers for Abby's swift recovery are non-stop, as is our love for the three of you.

Lisa, Tony & the boys

Nurse Nicole said...

GO ABBY! You are such a strong little girl.

Holl said...

My mom, sister, daughters and I are praying for little Abby Rose as well. I am also sharing her story with others so the prayers continue to pour in.

Nicholle said...

Abby is truly amazing! We have a prayer contingent here in Baltimore and Western Pennsylvania going strong! Our love, thoughts and positive vibes are directed towards you guys across the way.
Lots of love,
Nicholle and Keith

Aunt Maria said...

Way to go Abby! If anyone can do it you can. Keep up the great hard work. We love you!

Aunt Maria, Uncle Mauro, Dominic, Laura and Pop-pop Charlie.

Rhonda said...

Everyone at TIC continues to pray for little Abby. She's a special little girl. Get well soon Abby.

Rhonda and everyone at TIC