Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today was good. We were told her blood pressure was an issue. We had mixed feelings about this. It was a little low. We decided we were not going to worry about it right now. Then, Jenn just called the hospital and said she is on half the blood pressure medicine she was on this afternoon. She is still running negative and her blood work looked good. So - our feeling was correct. We think Abigail is doing great.

Yesterday, they gave her a break from the paralysing medicine. They like to do that every once and a while to see how long it takes to "come around." She was opening her eyes today and moving her little hands a little bit- which was awesome. We can't wait to hold her. (They gave her more medicine so she would continue to "sleep.")

I think things are still going good. They might close her up Friday. So we will see.


Nicholle said...

Merry Christmas! We love you guys and are keeping the prayers and good thoughts going strong.

Nicholle and Keith

Uncle Joe said...

Way to go Abby! Sending warm thoughts, best wishes, lots of love, and many prayers for you, your family and all of your caregivers too.


Darcie said...

Dear little Abby your faithful family & friends are guarding you and praying for your healing so do not be anxious.
From Darcie Batcheler
at Eid Passport

Teri said...

GO TEAM ABBY!!! Keep up the good work!

Teri & Pam