Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surgery delayed

Abby's surgery is delayed again until Friday. There are transporting another baby from Alaska that also has serious heart problems and has not received the quality of care that Abby has received. Even though we would like to get this over with, we completely understand. Good news is that Abby's stomach tube was taken out today and Dr. Baxter stopped her antibiotics, she was extremely fiesty and was looking around for a good hour. She had an eye doctor's appointment, everything looks good with the exception of a hemorage at the back of her left eye. The doctor stated that this is a normal occurance in premies and not to worry - they will check back in 2 weeks.


Macro said...

you are in our thoughts all the time guys, stay positive and we will be thinking of you guys and abigail on friday!

your loving cousins

brian and anne asplin

pamela said...

Hi guys!
Glad to hear Abby is fiesty! We'll be thinking of y'all tomorrow. It's great being able to check on her progress. Let us know if there's anything we can do.
Pamela and Teri