Saturday, November 10, 2007

We met with Dr. King last night. It's always interesting speaking with him. He gives a lot of information. There are many options. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Basically, right now they are going to wait and hope she continues to grow without any major setbacks. He wants her to grow about half an ounce a day. When she is about 2000 grams - or 4.5 pounds - they feel comfortable doing the entire corrective surgery. That could happen in about 33 days. Depending on a wide range of issues that could come up - she still might have to have the pulmonary band, but now they are leaning away from that, as that has a host of possible complications. He didn't know how long the recovery time would be.

We had the chaplain come by last night and give Abby a blessing, so that was nice.

Nana is going back home today and Grandma is flying in. Nana has done a terrific job helping out this week. She has cooked us a ton of food and painted Abigail's room- which looks great by the way!

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