Friday, November 23, 2007

Abby had a much better day today. She seemed to be recovered from all the action yesterday. Jenn and I both got to hold her for an hour today. She pooped a big one while I held her, so that is always awesome. She just gets so relaxed!

We spoke with Dr. Nuemann. She stated that Dr. King is shooting for having the entire corrective operation in 3 weeks, around the middle of December. Abby could have the operation sooner if something unexpected comes up. She will probably have another blood transfusion soon. She doesn't have any infections, which is important. She still weighed 1910. Her pH levels were a little different than before, nothing major though. Dr. Nuemann said that if everything goes well, then January is not out of the question as a time for Abigail to come home.

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Lisa said...

Having a timeframe for Abby's surgery and homecoming is excellent news. Go Team Abby!