Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Note from Mom

Hi all! Abby had a good day today, she now weighs in at a hefty 2160 - however she did have a blood transfusion this morning so the weight may go down tomorrow. Greg held her this evening and I read her some Dr. Seuss books and her favorite, The Princess Bride. When I come in the morning, the nurses joke that 12:00 is story time and enjoy listening to us read to her.
Even though this has been the hardest experience - I can't say enough how blessed Greg and I feel for everyones' support, thought and love. Please continue the positive vibes. Love you all, Jenn.


Heather said...

Love the "so big" picture! She's looking great... and over 4 1/2 pounds... awesome!

Kisses & Hugs!

abby Umansky said...

sending you guys sooo much love and healing!

Anonymous said...

G&J&A -
Congrats, we just found out that you had a baby after seeing the Mangolds this week! Talk later.
Lots of love from Savannah!