Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Abby in Yellow - Nana's favorite color!

Abby had a very good day today. We did Kangaroo Care (skin to skin) for 2 hours and we both fell asleep. She had an extra dose of laciks (sp?)yesterday since she was retaining quite a bit of fluid - with the ventilator even though it helps her breath and takes stress off her heart -it creates quite a bit of mucus and secretion which needs to be manually cleaned. The laciks helped her get rid of a lot of the fluid in her lungs which is a very good thing. She did weigh in at 2190 but Dr. Baxter wants to see how things play out at the end of the week with the blood transfusion and the extra dose of medicine before we call an accurate weight. Tomorrow she has her first eye exam. Hope everyone is well.

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