Thursday, November 29, 2007

Before and After

Abby had a great day today. She weighed in at 2240 grams. Even though she is still on the ventilator - she had the taping on her mouth changed today from the full aparatus around her lips (first picture) to having the ventilator taped in between her nose and her mouth which will help with oral care and hopefully she will be able to use a pacifier. The tube coming out of her nose is her feeding tube. I also included a video that shows the production it takes for Greg and I to hold her -totally worth it. Her eye appointment went well - she has a follow up on December 12th. Still no definite date on the surgery. Hope everyone is well.

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Nana said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big. I see she's wearing mittens for her long finger nails, soon she'll want polish on them - LOL.
Thanks so much for keeping this up - it is greatly appreciated.