Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got to hold Abby tonight which was good. She weighed 1850! She was sucking on her pacifier for a little bit while i held her. Her little nails are growing long. They don't recommend cutting them because of the risk of infection. She will probably have to wear little mittens soon.
Jenn said that she had some spells during the day and previous night. The nurses said that she hadn't pooped in a while, so they gave her a suppository. She had a huge blowout, and that seemed to help her breathing. They think that her straining was affecting her oxygen levels. They said they will give her another suppository tonight.
We got the first bill from the doctors. It was only about $14,000. The doctors that treat Abigail are not hospital employees, but work for a physicians group. We haven't gotten the hospital or the cardiologist bill yet.

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