Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

This pictures shows Abby sleeping with her little bow in her hair and her sunglasses. The nurse during the day put that on her. It's not really that dark around her, it's just that her "tanning" light is so bright around her. That brown and pink blanket is the hospital's.

There are over 100 nurses on staff in the NICU, so every time so far, the nurse has been different. Which is cool because they all have their own styles, experiences, and personalities. They all tell you a little different bit of information. Tonight the nurse, Janna, told us she used to work in pediatrics and saw lots of kids with heart problems. She was amazed with how strong Abby was. She said for all the problems her heart has, that her little body has compensated these for these defects and is doing fine. Hopefully, she'll be off the lights tomorrow. The nurse had also taken a tour of Lancaster county and loved the Amish! She said she would be on for the next few nights, so we will see her again.

I think I heard that the nurses can pick what pair of kids they get. It's always 1 nurse for 2 kids. They pair up one kid that is easy, with one that has more "needs." Abby is the "easy" one in her pair.

Abby "drinks" 180ml a day of milk. Jenn made over 360ml today. (Hey, remember, she's a Lancaster county girl!)

As soon as I walked in, the first thing the nurse said was that Abby looked like her Daddy.

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Kimberly said...

Abby sounds like she's doing great! We'll have to have a big Welcome Home party for her in January. :)