Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One week old!!

We all had a good morning. We each had over an hour of kangaroo time. That's what the skin to skin contact is called. While I was holding her today, she peed on me!! So that was the first time for that one! It was pretty awesome!!

Today is Abby's one week birthday. We gave her little pink Air Jordan socks.

The chest x rays looked almost the same as the ones they took before, so that is good. The doctor said she is thinking they can take out the picc thing in her leg. That would be good too. They don't think she will need that medicine to keep that PDA open.

Just out of curiosity, we asked the doctor how much a day in the NICU costs. Just for the bed time (which is 24/7 emergency nursing care) its a "couple of grand." I've heard it's more like $3000. But, if you break that down, it's only $125.00 per hour. That actually doesn't seem too bad, considering the amount of care she actually receives. Plus, add on top of all that the cardiology stuff that Abby gets. I'm glad I have insurance. And yes, all the doctors have been confirmed to be covered by my insurance.

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