Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Abigail is doing ok. She has some bouts of rapid breathing and her oxygen "sats" (saturation levels) are sightly lower. They were in the mid 90's, today they were in the upper 80's. Its a slight dip that everyone is monitoring. It's not a big deal right now. She will be given a diuretic to help lower her fluid levels. That will ease any undue strain on her heart and lungs. Tomorrow she will get a chest xray to check the size of her heart and to see how her lungs look. She is doing so good. You can tell she is really trying hard to get better. She has to work a little harder to compensate for all the "mixing" going on in her heart. Her heart has many holes and some major plumbing issues, so she has to try harder to get oxygenated blood around her body.

Last night was rough. It really is a roller coaster. I notice there is a constant feeling of fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc. in the background. It's like an undercurrent. You can build a wall to keep it out, but it just builds up, then it just hits you. Holding Abby and remembering that she will come home one day helps a lot.

I realized this is the first week I haven't been on the road in over 6 weeks. I don't really ever want to go back on road. I will have to travel a little bit. So that will be hard.

Jenn has been a pumping machine!! So that is going very well. She has been great through out all this.

Abigail is so beautiful. We love her very much.

PS - Abby passed her first hearing test.

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Kimberly said...

You two are just the best! I know how much I love our little Mini and it brings tears to my eyes to read this report, you are such an honest person. I'm glad to hear that things are going well and that they can properly monitor Sweet Little Abby. Call us if you need anything!