Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just got a call from Dr. Baxter. She is one of the doctors in the NICU.

They had to put Abby back on the C-PAP (at least for 2 days). Apparently, her breathing took a little dip this afternoon. She was getting the "apnea" a little bit more.

They also took a blood culture to check Abby's white blood cell count. They want to check for any bacterial infections. They started her on antibiotics, just in case.

Hopefully, this will be no big deal. They tend to overdo treatments at first, then pull back from things that she doesn't need.

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Lisa said...

You're totally right about them "overdoing" treatments, then pulling back - this is how they keep the babies moving forward. Let us know if you meet Dr. Houston - he was great with Fin and a huge comfort to us.