Sunday, October 28, 2007

Abby got her cannula taken out last night. So she is completely breathing on her own. This is great news!! The doctors are really happy with her progression.

She's been pooping too! We were in the middle of changing her when she let one loose. It's still that black tar stuff.

Jenn and I both got some "skin" time today, so that is always a treat. She is still under the lights, but that is getting better too. She probably won't have to be under the lights for much longer.

Abigail's course of action is: gain weight, then have her heart operation, then come home. We don't really know when exactly all that will happen. It looks like it will be sometime early next year before she'll be able to finally come home.

The nurse said that once babies start the weight gain process, they put on 1-2 ounces a day on average.

Dr. King (our pediatric cardiologist) said that her PDA hasn't closed all the way yet, so he still didn't know if she will need the medicine, PGE, to keep it open.

We go to her morning changing at 8, then stay for the 12. In between, we get coffee in the Atrium at the Heartbeat Cafe. It's our new favorite hangout. Yesterday, the hospital held a New Home Buying Fair for the public in the Atrium. Then we come home, and either relax or do chores and run errands. After dinner, we go back to say goodnight at her 8pm changing.

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