Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by...we put Abby's ashes in her urn today and sealed it. Still hard to believe.

The weather here has been awesome - beautiful spring time days. I remember taking Abby on her first walks in the stroller. I wish so many things were different.

We want to thank our families and friends for all their support. We wish we lived closer to be with you all. We love you.


Nana and Grand-pop said...

A year - most days it seems like just yesterday. Our Abby Girl has touched so many, thanks to daddy and mommy sharing with us all both near and far away. The blog is a tribute to her entire family. I can still remember waking up and running down to the computer to see what happened the day before. Poor Greg and Jenn, if they were too tired to write (which wasn't often) they had an email asking how things were going. Their strength and stamina was amazing! I can still remember Abby's heart rate changing when she heard her mommy's or dadddy's voice. She calmed down at their touch even in her sickest moments. She always knew she was loved and still is. We remember her for her special little toes, smiles, her eyes, her boo boo lip. We remember it all.

We are connected today by her even though we can not be together.
Love you Abby, Greg and Jenn


Aunt Heather said...

Missing you very much, Angel Abby. Love you guys!

Lisa said...

As it was a year ago, it is today - there are no words except to say we love all three of you dearly and always will.

-Lisa, Tony, Xavie & Fin

Michelle said...

Thought about you today. Hope all is well.

Nana and Grand-pop said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Abby. Nana and grand-pop were thinking of you today and missing you. You talked to us this morning thru your chimes while we were eating breakfast and it made us smile. Some one asked me about my granchildren today at Madison's school for grandparents day and Madison spoke right up about her Oregon Angel cousin - Abby.

Love you Abby.