Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Birthday coming up

Jenn and I are getting ready to come back East for a little vacation. Our friend Mike is getting married in Scranton, PA on the 18th. My birthday is the 17th, Jenn's is the 25th, and Abby's is the 24th. So we decided it would be good idea to make a 10 day trip out of everything.

It will be nice to be with family during that time. I can't believe our little girl was born a year ago. We both still have very strong feelings about everything. I'm not sure how difficult the 24th will be, but I'm glad we will be with our family.


Michelle said...

Happy irthday Abby Was thinking about you guys today!!!

pamela said...

Happy Birthday Abby Rose!
We love you and miss you! We're glad your never far from people that care.
XOXO! Love, Pam and Tim

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Abby! We miss you lots!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Abby! You are loved, missed and always in our hearts.

Lisa, Tony, Xavie & Fin